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Contact us if you want to place an order!

If you do not wish to order gift-sets, or wish to add more to the set you have chosen, you can order any gift from the list below:

  • Blanket with hearts for cozy evenings10 POINTs
  • Gift-certificate for cosmetics and perfumery in Brocard network of various nominal10 POINTs /15 POINTs / 20 POINTs
  • Lovely Valentine mug (different variants are available)6 POINTs
  • Valentine heart pillow (different variants are available)7 POINTs
  • Valentine square pillow (different variants are available)7 POINTs
  • Soft plushy Valentine toy with heart (20-30 cm)10 POINTs

* Gift-set pictures are provided for visualization purpose only. The gift-set in reality will differ from the pictures on the web-site. Gifts with note "different variants are available" mean that you can choose your own picture or inscription to place it

All gifts from this page will be packed in our central office; we will make a photo of each gift before sending it to your lady, and send this photo to you. The package with your gift will be delivered by a courier of an independent delivery company (we will have a tracking information for the delivery, but we will not have a photo of delivery from a courier). We will ask the lady to make a photo with your gift on delivery, however, we are not responsible if she doesn't send to us or directly to you the photo with your gift.

Contact us if you want to place an order!